[scribus] Where is Kunda?

John L. Poole jlpoole56 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 16:12:58 UTC 2017

He, or she, was very thoughtful and eager and I enjoyed chatting or 
corresponding with Kunda.  When harsh comments were directed to me in a 
public dialog, Kunda was quick to show a more compassionate and 
reasonable attitude.

However, I asked Kunda to identify him/herself as I like to know whom I 
am talking with, I think it inadvisable to have continuing dialogs with 
phantoms.  Alas, I gave Kunda and in-depth background about me, but that 
didn't seem to convince Kunda to give up a name.  I felt that I did not 
earn Kunda's trust.  When my request to identify Kunda was ignored, I 
just did not feel anything more productive could come of continuing 
dialog.  Much of development, in my opinion, is about the people who 
make up the effort.  If someone if not willing to at least say "This is 
who I am", then credibility falters and it sends a clear message: I 
don't trust you.

And collaborative efforts are about trust.

I think Kunda was an asset to this project and provided an essential 
component.  I hope that someday Kunda will be able to stand in the light 
and overcome the penchant to hide in anonymity.


On 4/28/2017 5:37 AM, benedek wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> Somebody know where is Kunda? What happened to him? He is coming back?
> Regards
> Peter
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