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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Apr 20 15:47:37 UTC 2017

On 19.04.2017 23:19, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 04/19/2017 04:34 PM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I am doing several little projects now with 1.5.3 and I like it; the new
>> text-engine makes a real difference for our language. I also love the
>> separate text-window F4.
>> I recently learnt about working several documents with tabs - from this
>> list. It might have existed in earlier versions and I missed it.
>> My problem with the tabs is that they show the entire path of each
>> document. Since I work on many different things, I got a complex
>> folder-set-up and very long paths. So all my tabs show useless trivial
>> information like "C:\Users\martin\1\..." And working with more than two
>> documents becomes very awkward again.
>> You can guess that I am talking about the Windows version, running it
>> under Windows 10 pro 64bit. Do the Linux tabs start with ~/ or at root?
>> I would like a way to tweak the tabs into showing the file-name only,
>> without any path. Where can I find the file or registry location for
>> "preferences" please?
>> What do other users think? Any workarounds?
> Why not just forget about tabs and use Alt-W to show the Windows item in
> the menu bar, where you should see the entire pathname for the file and
> select what you want?
> Greg

Why not...? Because, when I work in Scribus, I have my left hand on my
keyboard and my right hand almost always on my mouse (trackball actually).

So when I make a new document from two or three existing ones, then just
clicking once on a visible tab is most efficient. I am talking about
many many clicks here; collecting many elements.

Having a never-changing keyboard-short-cut for going next or previous is

Opening the menu and then going all the way down to pick another
document is more work. It would help, if I type CTRL-W and Scribus would
automagically assign keyboard-short-cuts for each open document; I
believe I have seen that behaviour in some other program. Then I would
go CTRL-W and look and then just hit one more key.

(I spend so much time here that I got pain in my right wrist and
shoulder, hence the trackball and hence the desire to optimize GUIs for
all my main tools.)

I see other ideas how the gui could help users who need or like to work
with several documents at once:

- Allow the tabs to flow into several rows, rather than disappear off
screen (like in certain web browsers) if the users chooses that. That
way all tabs would stay visible (and I would have an excuse to buy a 4K
monitor, as I have seen with a colleague on Monday (and still drooling)).

- Or make those right and left arrows bigger or smarter; for example so
that having three long tabs open and clicking twice-left I could "loop
around" until I open the document I need. Because my tabs are long, I
cannot see them, so I do not know whether to click right or left arrow.
So looping around would be a real help.

- Like I said originally: Making the tabs "name-only" would also be a
real help.

Scribus is awesome, I am not complaining, just lobbying. We have reached
a level where making documents is crash-free and almost fun (except for
deadlines) and we can create almost anything we can imagine. So nagging
about the gui details should not annoy our muchly respected developers
please - it is telling you guys that we are spending serious hours
actually using(!) Scribus.



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