[scribus] My tabs C:\are\rather\loooo\ng

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Wed Apr 19 20:34:17 UTC 2017

Dear list,

I am doing several little projects now with 1.5.3 and I like it; the new
text-engine makes a real difference for our language. I also love the
separate text-window F4.

I recently learnt about working several documents with tabs - from this
list. It might have existed in earlier versions and I missed it.

My problem with the tabs is that they show the entire path of each
document. Since I work on many different things, I got a complex
folder-set-up and very long paths. So all my tabs show useless trivial
information like "C:\Users\martin\1\..." And working with more than two
documents becomes very awkward again.

You can guess that I am talking about the Windows version, running it
under Windows 10 pro 64bit. Do the Linux tabs start with ~/ or at root?

I would like a way to tweak the tabs into showing the file-name only,
without any path. Where can I find the file or registry location for
"preferences" please?

What do other users think? Any workarounds?

I tried making a keyboard short-cut for "go to next tab" and "go to
previous tab" but could not even find the commands. If I could just
browse right-wards and left-wards through all open tabs, I would not
care how wide they are.

thank you,


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