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 > A question: why must one always manually set color management on? Why not
 > make that the default? > I cannot think of a situation where I would not want it on. Fussy details > like this can frustrate newbies.
 Not everyone wants it on. Most people (who don't know how to use it) will make their print jobs worse by using incorrect profiles.
 Craig ___
 The default profiles seem to work ok. More to the point:: without color management one can't get  the  X1a:2001 pdf type that most
 printers seem to prefer.
 Two other default annoyances : the default font is Ari and the default language is Africaans. Surely there are better choices?
 My workaround for my (future) book customers is to create a dummy  file called setup.sla  that they can load which has the defaults changed to reasonable values. Then they can reset the book cover dimensions and guides for their particular book using the python file I wrote.

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