[scribus] Copying Styles

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Apr 6 14:56:55 UTC 2017

On 06.04.2017 02:31, Ken Springer wrote:
> Is there an easy way to copy styles from one document to a template I've
> already created?
> The question stems from the "Problems with Styles" thread I created.
Yes, the normal way to transport styles across documents is by "import"
from the style manger (F3).

So you open your receiving document and pull the styles you need from
any existing document by import. Just try and you will see how it goes.

There are helpful options about potential conflicting names etc., at
your level rather self-explanatory.

So all you needed was to look for an import button in the F3-window
rather than a save or export button.



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