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 On 4/3/17 4:55 PM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 04/03/2017 04:57 PM, Ken Springer wrote:
>> Windows 7
>> 1.5.2
>> I guess I'm missing something.
>> I can't seem to get a document to pay attention to the font size of a
>> style. Linespacing and other things seem to change, but not font size.
>> The manual wasn't any help, nor the wiki. Both tell me it can be done,
>> but doesn't tell me "how".
> The tightest control of styles will be using the Edit Style dialog.
> Select the Character Style tab to find the font size spinbox.
> Even if you import styles from LibreOffice, it's a good idea to check
> all the features, plus you can give them a name.

Which is what I've been working with. <G>

Like most people, I suspect, I started out doing the manual formatting
like I see most people do in a word processor because they won't do
styles, for whatever reason. I wanted to get a good "handle" on doing
it that way before moving on to more advanced methods like styles.

I should mention that, at the moment, I'm doing this on Windows 7, fully
updated. I also have Scribus in Windows 10, Linux Mint 18.0, and did
have it on my Mac. It's now removed from the Mac as I'm changing the
purpose of the Mac and no longer need it there.

I plan on adding it to Windows 8.

I have no problem getting what I want using properties (F2) and have "No
Style" selected for paragraph and character.

When I add Style Manager (F3) and the Story Editor to this mix, some
things don't change.

For instance...

In the Story Editor, I selected a style for a paragraph. In the Style
Manager, I make a major change to the Font Size (say from 12 pt. to 50
pt.), and change fonts. Nothing else. Click apply. The line spacing
changes enormously, but font and font size stays the same.

So, what am I missing here?

I've also noticed, that under the Edit menu, the keyboard shortcut for
Edit Text sometimes is displayed, and sometimes it isn't. I've not
worked on what triggers this.

I've not imported anything from Libre Office except for a couple of

The story editor doesn't show the final product. Hit the check mark icon 
and you will see the final result. and exit the story editor..
 Or did you do that already?
 John Culleton

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