[scribus] Export as PDF/X-4:2008 (PDF 1.6)

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Sat Apr 1 09:41:43 UTC 2017

> Gesendet: Samstag, 01. April 2017 um 10:36 Uhr
> Von: "Fabio Bianchi" <fabiobianchi53 at gmail.com>
> An: scribus at lists.scribus.net
> Betreff: [scribus] Export as PDF/X-4:2008 (PDF 1.6)
> Hi,
> one of my costumers change the output and I need to export as PDF/X-4:2008 (PDF 1.6)
> I can’t find how?
> Any advice, please
> Cheers, Fabio

Ciao Fabio,

You can convert a PDF 1.4 or 1.5 exported by Scribus to PDF/X-4 using a PDF tool like Acrobat. You can also load a Scribus 1.4.x file into Scribus 1.5.3svn and export it to PDF/X-4 in that Scribus version.


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