[scribus] Common cut sizes

Patrick patrick at spellingbeewinnars.org
Mon Sep 19 14:11:44 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone

This is my first post here. I am just getting started with Scribus. I am 
creating a dictionary of sorts for children that will have a child 
friendly respelling system so that they will know how to pronounce a word.

I can probably use a variety of page sizes. I have reached out to 
printers in my local area to try and find out what is common and 
therefor cheap.

It looks like Scribus defaults to A4. Would A4, 2 fold be the most 
common ? Are there other sizes that are more common? If this was A4, I 
would estimate a fairly large book, around 500 pages as the respelling 
system I have, takes up a great deal of space vs the adult versions such 
as IPA(international phonetic alphabet).

Thanks for reading my post-Patrick

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