[scribus] parsing

Owen Cook owen.cook at gmx.com
Fri Sep 16 22:56:34 UTC 2016

> Subject: [scribus] parsing
>  I recently tried to open a document that I have been working on for a few 
> weeks. Saved it last on Sep 10.
>  Anyway, it won't open and I get a parsing error: line 141, column 52.
>  Is there anyway I can correct this error and/or open my document?
>  Thanks for your help.

I'll have another go, tablets and phones are pretty dumb with gmx.com

Use your file manager to see where your sla file is stored, say xxx.sla

Is there another file there called xxx.sla.bak ?

If so, rename that file to say, yyy.sla and try opening that in Scribus


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