[scribus] about DejaVu font

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Oct 20 09:44:44 UTC 2016

Dear list,

sorry if this is already written up, please do not shout, please send a

Doing a document today and noticed that all DejaVu fonts on my system
are not available in Scribus 1.5.2 (64 bit on Windows 10 pro, 64bit).

I am positive that we have used them lots in Scribus 1.4.x series.
I also know that one or two glyphs have given us trouble in the past.
But since our language is using "exotic" Unicode characters, we cannot
be too selective; we only know a handful of fonts which carry our entire

I have read the explanations about Scribus being picky with fonts in the
help (both pages). But I wonder why a font which was working in 1.4 is
now unavailable in 1.5.

DejaVu is a friendly opensource project afaik, so if their output is
problematic, there would be need for action and dialogue.

Maybe I just got it wrong somehow? Anybody else got any recent DejaVu
fonts working in 1.5.2?


Next I tried some diagnostics, as advised in help, namely running from
the Command line like this:

"C:\Program Files\Scribus 1.5.2\Scribus.exe"

Scribus started just fine, but I never got any output in my command
window (like I have seen on Linux before). Does it not work for Windows
at all, or do I need to know more, please?


We are a low-budget project in West Africa, so we love and depend on
opensource tools. So advice like "just buy a professional font" will not
help me.

Thanks for any input and help on this,


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