[scribus] createParagraphStyle function

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Oct 18 09:45:22 UTC 2016


i repeat myself:

there are currently, at least two requests per week from companies that 
want to use the scripter for automating the creation of PDFs by using 
scribus files.

on the other side, both the legacy and new scripter are stuck.

the current situation in my eyes:

- the legacy scripter works but its API needs to be refreshed and adding 
new functions is a bit of a pain.

- the new scripter is very promising but there is an issue related to 
the porting to Qt5/PyQt5 that blocks it:


if you are a company that is using scribus for scripting, please 
consider allocating some resources to solve the signals/slots issue.

your help would be much appreciated!

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