[scribus] a new script for exporting pages using ImageExport()

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Oct 6 05:30:12 UTC 2016

> Another option to consider would be exporting a document as single page
> PDFs, which is quite easy from the menu. You could then change these
> with some batch processing via ImageMagick to whatever file format you
> like. The resolution of the PDFs is so much better than a PNG, and from
> what I can see the export to PDFs is much faster too.

I fully agree that this is most likely a better way. It does not even have
to be single page PDF, as far as I know both imagemagick and ghostscript
can make single page bitmap images for each page in a multi page PDF.

> For example, using the mogrify command from ImageMagick:
> mogrify -format png YourDoc*.pdf
So what would be needed is a shell script/BAT file with a row of commands
like the one above to convert the given PDF to several bitmap images of
different resolutions. The user exports to PDF and the runs the script. (In
Windows you could even put the BAT file in the Send to folder, then you can
right click on the PDF file and "send" it to the script.)
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