[scribus] Scribus behavior when linking text

Michael Taylor-Noonan taylornoonan at gmail.com
Wed May 18 19:46:29 UTC 2016

My first post, please tell me if this is inappropriate on this mailing list.

(First, a huge thanks to all who helped develop Scribus... I'm switching 
from a proprietary DTP program, and find it easy to use and powerful.)

Now my question. I usually use 1.5.1 on a Win 10 laptop, with wireless 
mouse. Every so often I forget my mouse and use the trackpad. When 
linking text using the trackpad, you cannot scroll down to a different 
page . I would have thought as soon as your mouse pointer moves to the 
scroll bar it should change back to pointer from the link text. But it 
doesn't. Am I missing something?


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