[scribus] Indents and tabbing (Was: scribus Digest, Vol 98, Issue 2)

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed May 4 07:11:06 UTC 2016


>>>> and you can apply direct formatting for indents and width of chars.
>>> In which zone of the interface?
>>> I?ve seen indenting fields near the tabs definition ruler, in style editor window, but not in properties tabs.
>> you can use the ruler on top of the document window to apply indents and
>> tab to a specific text... :-)
> Yes it is a very quick optical way, for now I will use it.
> But can’t I insert a precise amount (i.e 10.25mm) in a specific field like those in style parameters?

in the properties palette, text tab, column & text distances there is a 
"tabulators tab"...
yes, hidden in a crazy way, but here you can set your tabs and indents 
in a precise way!

all in all, i would always create a style when you need indents (it's 
also about having an harmonious formatting) but you can also do them 

voilà, it's almost magic :-)


p.s.: for the future, try to only quote the relevant part of the email 
you're replying to it makes reading the thread... and if you reply to a 
digest, set the subject to the original title :-)
that makes life easier for the guys who want to learn from the other 
posts... and for the ones like me who give answers...

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