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Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Mar 21 19:17:51 UTC 2016

> Let's say you are an auto mechanic, and you've got an engine to
> disassemble.  Basic tool is the combination wrench.  Slow, tedious, but
> gets the job done.  A better tool would be a ratchet and socket together
> with the combination wrench.  Even better, an air ratchet.
> If you want to be efficient, and get the job done as quickly as you can,
> the best tool(s) for the job above is the air ratchet w/ combination wrench.

One important point here. If you are NOT a professional auto mechanic and
you've got an engine to disassemble, an air ratchet might not be the best
tool because you may need education to use it correctly.

The tools of the professionals are sometimes not suitable for amateurs,
because they have to many options and it's far to easy to make errors
screwing up everything.

Page layout is really quite complicated compared to engine disassembly.
Page layout would be more like building a motorcycle from scratch.

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