[scribus] Setting character style in a Python Script

Julius Cordes julius at julius-cordes.de
Thu Mar 17 23:15:46 UTC 2016


It seems that there's no possibility of applying character styles to a 
text selection using the Scripter. I need a function analog to 
`setStyle` that applies a character style to a text selection (similar 
to `setFont`).

A script snippet illustrating how I think how it should work:
import scribus
scribus.createText(40, 40, 90, 50, 'textrahmen')
scribus.setText('Dies ist ein Test-Text.', 'textrahmen')
scribus.selectText(14, 4, 'textrahmen')

Is it possible to add a function `setCharStyle` to the next stable 
release of Scribus?


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