[scribus] Bullets and numbering

Juraj Fedel wtxnh-scribus at yahoo.com.au
Tue Mar 8 16:45:39 UTC 2016

On Wed, Mar 02, 2016 at 05:35:33PM +0100, ale rimoldi wrote:
> there are several requirements for the help window, and the easiest way to
> meet most of them, is to run scribus and the help tool as separate programs.
> that's why, once scribus started the help, it cannot close it...
> if you know a better way: closing the help when closing scribus is indeed a
> good idea!

I have looked at code that opens help in browser, and i do not see how
it could close it when scribus exit because there is no way to get the
process id that run browser (as far as i know).

The other thing is I do not think it should close the help window
because browser is most probably used with more then one tab opened and
that would close all other opened web pages too. (again i am not aware
of any way to remotely close specific tab in browser ...)

And one comment about code that opens the browser
function void UrlLauncher::launchUrlExt(const QUrl& link, QWidget *parent)
in urllauncher.cpp file.

It is somewhat complex for the task it is doing. i am not sure there is
need to have preference for external browser (this is in most if not all
cases set by desktop preferences). I am just wondering how many users
did actually set this preference in scribus? And if any then why?
I we omit this setting from code the whole function could be reduced
into one line:

Sometimes the more options you have does not you more freedom just more

That is just my opinion :)


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