[scribus] Downloading Scribus to a Mac

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Tue Mar 1 00:03:20 UTC 2016

My friend, who isn't a list member, relates his experience trying what was

Good morning -
I'm the challenged one Tom was describing as failing to install Scribus last
Sat.  Several suggestions were offered.  Thank you.  
However, after several hours step one from Greg has been unsuccessful. So,
I'm re-checking the directions.
Greg - to confirm: Ghostscript's (9.18) folder is downloaded on my desktop
with tons of files (yippee)!  In my Apps file, Utilities needs to be opened
to get to Terminal.  That step may be obvious to many but not at my low
computing/HW/SW IQ.
After Terminal was opened, these suggested steps were followed:
(quote)cd(quote; drag/drop the GhScpt folder into Terminal window; (three
commands starting with % were executed, without (" ") around them but a
space was entered after each %, per the instructions.  IS THAT CORRECT?  If
you see no issues with these steps, then I have followed the directions but
still do not have GhScpt in my apps folder.  Google Chrome and Garageband
-YES; GhScpt - NO.  Greg/All; please indicate any errors in the above or
further suggestions you might have?  Thanks!
Alessandro -- your wiki link suggestion appears to be the easier option but
it failed to load/link.  Thanks anyway!

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