[scribus] Where to Find Scribus Freelancers?

David Samarin david at aprovadogroup.com
Tue Jun 28 15:27:47 UTC 2016

 >> Joe Booth <jbooth at allmc.org> wrote:

 >> Hello,

 >> New to Scribus and desktop publishing.  Was using a couple documents,
 >> a simple ad and flyer, to learn by doing. Well, the deadlines
 >> for these documents has been moved up and now I don't think I will
 >> be able to finish them myself.

 >> So, I am looking for someone who can improve the layouts and
 >> export them print-ready.

 >> I've tried freelance resources (upwork, freelancer, LinkedIn)
 >> and can't find many people with Scribus experience.  Any suggestions?
 >> Should I scrap the whole idea and just move toward Adobe?

 >> Thanks,
 >> Joe

Hello Joe!

I'm an independent freelancer using open source tools to get work done. 
Just finished - and sent to print - a 170-page workshop textbook using 
Scribus for page layout and GIMP for image editing. Learned much about 
both software tools in the course of completing the project.

Will be happy to provide assistance - technical or otherwise - to help 
you get your project completed, assuming you decide to stick with open 
source, and avoid the Adobe route.

  ~ David

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