[scribus] adding values in a custom calculation script

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Jun 23 01:37:22 UTC 2016

On 06/22/2016 03:42 PM, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi georgia
>> Here you go,  links attached.
>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B19Q0FpByRPGSGJDTlRIeHpzVTg/view?usp=sharin
>> g
>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B19Q0FpByRPGWFh3UzZZZC0xY1k/view?usp=sharin
>> g
>> thanks
>> G
> i have had a look at the files but i cannot really say what the problem
> is.
> maybe somebody else can find out!
> i've tried to create a sum in a new .sla and
> https://framadrop.org/r/e6v-Krj2D2#bMl9POX74Yi3ERg+B/Ix8oXlGEy35/mymgRmX1HpIx0=
> https://framadrop.org/r/ERBWCyqxxv#tQV2U8SiK/3l0OPk+Ha82spq6ZiQErDK5obAbJbii6I=
> ... it does work, at least in chrome...
> maybe if you have a look at the files i've created, you can find out
> what the issue is in your file...

It took me a while to figure out how to use this, but I do see the
issue. I entered some info for Solid Timber Boards and Timber Engineered
Boards, coming up with differences of $34 and $40 respectively. Somehow
the summary table shows -176 as the supposed total (?!).

It seems that the sum function isn't working right for forms, or that
there is something about the identification of the fields that is awry.

You might tackle this by trimming down this form to just a few tables
and see if you can get it working. In the short term, you may just need
to manually calculate this one field from the various differences. It
seems that the Total Quoted Price comes out Ok for some reason.


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