[scribus] adding values in a custom calculation script

Georgia Christakos georgiachristakos7 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 12:13:36 UTC 2016

Hi ale,  thanks for replying.  I have attached the two file links:


The problem area is the table on page 5 - DESIGN SPECIFICATION PROJECT
SUMMARY.  I have highlighted the problem field with a red arrow (column
"Difference from Budget").  This is a summary table where I would like to
sum all the relevant fields (marked with red arrows in the document), to
give an overview of the project budget.  

In the pdf file, I have populated some calculation fields on page 6, as an
example. The total value in the Difference from Budget column on page 5,
should be "2" and not "0".  I cannot work out why it isn't calculating

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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hi georgia

On 21/06/16 07:56, Georgia Christakos wrote:
> Hi,  I hope someone can help me with my question.  I am creating an 
> interactive Pdf file and have created a custom calculation script to 
> calculate the "difference" in some fields within my file eg Text 1 - 
> Text 2
> However,  when I go to sum these values into a separate Summary Table, 
> the values do not calculate correctly.  It seems that the sum function 
> in Scribus does not see these values as a fixed number, but as a 
> formula and continues to add/deduct them from the overall total.
> Has anyone had this problem before and any ideas on how to fix it?
> Below is an example of my custom calculation script.
> var v1=getField("TotalBudgetEstimate2").value;var
> v2=getField("TotalQuotedPrice2").value;event.value=v2-v1

can you please upload somewhere (google drive?) a sample .sla and .pdf file
that shows the problem?

... and share the link in here...


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