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Michelle Allegretti michelle.allegretti at canonical.com
Wed Jul 20 13:55:37 UTC 2016

Thanks for the great ideas. I LOVE Scribus. I just have to get better. 
I'm only 2 weeks in.

On 07/20/2016 08:34 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 07/20/2016 03:49 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
>> hi michelle
>>> I am creating a double sided manual with facing pages. Each page will
>>> have a 2 inch outside notes panel and a larger inner content panel. So
>>> there is a right and left notes panel and a right and left content
>>> panel. The notes panel will only be printed for the trainer guide so
>>> they need to be in a separate layer.
>>> Is there a way to have new pages inserted with editable text boxes on
>>> them such that the notes panels are in one layer and the content panels
>>> are in another layer?
>> no, not really.
>> but you can put the set of boxes in the scrapbook and double click on
>> the scrapbook item to get them placed at the same place as they were
>> when you put them in the scrapbook.
>> so:
>> - create your items, group them, "item > send to scrapbook" (you can
>> create them on a master page that you then won't use)
>> - create your layers for the whole document.
>> - for each new page go to both layers and double click on the matching
>> scrapbook item.
>> - ungroup them for editing / moving around
>> basically, you only have two extra double clicks to do... not much
>> effort to keep the full control on what happens and avoid headaches with
>> automatic generated items...
>>> Or is there a way to create some sort of library item for each panel
>>> (assigned to the correct layer) that can be inserted after the new page
>>> is added?
>> that's a good idea: when a page with a specific master page is created,
>> automatically add one ore more scrapbook entries!
>> - it's not there yet,
>> - but would be pretty easy to program
>> - would mostly solve the issues related to the non editable items on the
>> master page. (scrapbook + pattern items!)
>> - (the template items could be on a "master page" layer that does not
>> get printed)
>> does anybody want to do a UX / UI proposal for this feature?
> Here is an alternative way to approach your document, by using Master Pages.
> If you create right and left Master Pages, you can edit them to create
> guides which will be specific for the right or left pages. As you add
> pages, each right or left page will have its corresponding Master Page
> and its guide(s).
> Where this becomes useful in your case is that you can use the guides
> along with the margins to create a text frame. For example, if you
> select the Text frame icon or type 'T', then hold down Shift and click
> somewhere on the page, a text frame is created which fill the space up
> to the nearest margin or guide in all four directions. Try this out to
> see what I mean.
> As you add pages, then you would need to repeat this Shift-click method
> as you go.
> At least at this time, guides are not specific for particular layers,
> which might also be useful. When you use this above technique to create
> a text frame, it will only be on the current layer which is being edited
> -- you can only work on one layer at a time. Frames can be moved from
> one layer to another and layers can be made invisible or nonprinting
> (and will therefore not export to PDF), in case that is useful.
> Greg
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