[scribus] Best way to create a template

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jul 20 07:49:44 UTC 2016

hi michelle

> I am creating a double sided manual with facing pages. Each page will
> have a 2 inch outside notes panel and a larger inner content panel. So
> there is a right and left notes panel and a right and left content
> panel. The notes panel will only be printed for the trainer guide so
> they need to be in a separate layer.
> Is there a way to have new pages inserted with editable text boxes on
> them such that the notes panels are in one layer and the content panels
> are in another layer?

no, not really.

but you can put the set of boxes in the scrapbook and double click on 
the scrapbook item to get them placed at the same place as they were 
when you put them in the scrapbook.


- create your items, group them, "item > send to scrapbook" (you can 
create them on a master page that you then won't use)
- create your layers for the whole document.
- for each new page go to both layers and double click on the matching 
scrapbook item.
- ungroup them for editing / moving around

basically, you only have two extra double clicks to do... not much 
effort to keep the full control on what happens and avoid headaches with 
automatic generated items...

> Or is there a way to create some sort of library item for each panel
> (assigned to the correct layer) that can be inserted after the new page
> is added?

that's a good idea: when a page with a specific master page is created, 
automatically add one ore more scrapbook entries!

- it's not there yet,
- but would be pretty easy to program
- would mostly solve the issues related to the non editable items on the 
master page. (scrapbook + pattern items!)
- (the template items could be on a "master page" layer that does not 
get printed)

does anybody want to do a UX / UI proposal for this feature?


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