[scribus] Scribus 1.4.6 - cannot click on '-' button on Properties boxes

Doug Hutcheson owlbrudder at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 04:25:51 UTC 2016


This is a new behaviour since I upgraded from Fedora 23 to 24.

Now controls containing a value which can be changed by clicking a '-'
or '+' widget are misbehaving: the '+' widget can change the control's
value, but the '-' widget behaves like an extension of the control, not
as a decrement to the control value.

Instead, the '-' widgets receive focus with the editing cursor, not the
arrow cursor. Clicking on the '-' widget places an edit cursor into the
right-most position in the value control; , double-clicking selects the
'word' next to the cursor; triple-clicking selects the whole contents
of the value control.

A typical example of such a problem is in, but not limited to, the X-
Pos, Y-Pos, Width, Height and Rotation controls on the X, Y, Z tab of
the Properties window.

In all cases I have encountered so far, the value control responds as
expected when the control has focus and the mouse wheel is rolled back
and forth.

I would be delighted to know how I can correct this behaviour: perhaps
I have interfered with a relevant setting somewhere?

Kind regards,
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