[scribus] Scribus sla to epub (export) q. (calibre does not work)

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On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 5:20 AM, john Culleton <John at wexfordpress.com>

> If I wanted to create an ePub file, which is more
> or less based on a version of html, I wouldn't
> start with the output of Scribus. Instead I would
> find some in between format and import that into
> both Scribus and whatever program creates ePub.
> The Libre Office writer program will create html
> documents.
> Given the above facts I would create a document
> in Libre Office Writer. I would save it in html
> form. I would convert that document to ePub
> somehow. Then I would import the original
> Writer document into Scribus, possibly in ODT
> format or plain text format and massage as
> needed.

This, actually, is what I was thinking of. I do most of my writing in
Asciidoc and the asciidoctor processor outputs really nice epub3 (which
needs tweaking because I haven't studied the CSS files used by asciidoctor
[yet]). Of course, asciidoctor also can create PDF but the result is really
not well suited for printing.

Just because InDesign exports to epub3 doesn't mean Scribus should. I think
it would be much more useful to IMPORT epub3, and probably easier to code,
too, but "I am not a programmer."

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