[scribus] Downloading Scribus to a Mac

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Feb 27 14:34:59 UTC 2016

On 02/27/2016 08:12 AM, Tom wrote:
> A friend is having trouble downloading Scribus to a Mac. I know nothing
> about Macs so am of no help. I assume that he will want the stable version.
> He wonders if it is an extremely large file that is difficult to download
> without transmission errors. Does anyone have advice for him?

One of things that has always seemed curious to me is that the easiest
place to find information about installation is in the online manual,
which you only have access to if you already have installed it (!).

Here is the text from that source:

Scribus on Mac OS X
Intel-based Mac
512 MB RAM in addition to system memory requirements – the more the
better. 1–2 GB or more is strongly recommended for larger or more
complex documents.
Before Installing Scribus
Install Ghostscript for Mac OS X – Ghostscript 8.60+ or newer is
recommended. This is important for EPS, PS, and PDF import and printing.
You can also install this via MacPorts or Fink. The result will be the
Simply download the Mac OS X DMG or *.pkg file from Sourceforge, open it
and drag the Scribus icon to the location of your choice. The DMG Finder
window offers the default system Application directory. From there you
may click on the icon and run Scribus.
The first launch of Scribus, or when a new user launches Scribus, can be
much longer than usual. This is because Scribus is creating a cache file
of your fonts. Later starts will be much quicker.
Additional Software
Scribus 1.4 provides a new type of frame, called Render Frame. It
enables the use of other programs to render their outpout in a Scribus
document. To take full advantage of this feature, you need to install
these programs. By default, Scribus is pre-configured to use LaTeX,
Lilypond, POV-Ray, Graphviz, and Gnuplot.

Tell him to write to the list if he has issues.


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