[scribus] hacking CalendarWizard.py

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Dec 11 15:09:01 UTC 2016

We're at that time of year when we might be thinking of using
CalendarWizard to make some calendars. There are a number of adjustments
one can make in the content of the calendar, but one you can't make is
the space allotted to the image and the actual calendar at the bottom.
If you plan on using it to write things on specific dates, you aren't
given much space to work with.

Editing the areas is feasible but fiddly, since these are all separate
frames. They can be grouped, then stretched, but this distorts the text
- fixable but also fiddly.

After going over the script (I'm not a great fan of tkinter), I could
find where the calculation of this space comes from, and played with it.

For those interested in a little bit of play on their own, here is a
wiki page on this:



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