[scribus] Which Version to Use?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Dec 1 08:20:44 UTC 2016

> Anyway, I’ve noodled some with Scribus and see enough similarities with
> InDesign—tho’ I’m sure it may be missing features I’m used to or implements
> some of them differently—that I’m comfortable I can get up to speed with
> it. And I'd wanted to write a book about book design for a while. So I got
> the idea to write a book about book design for self-publishers, complete
> with exercises that lead to a printer-ready PDF at the end of it. I thought
> that Scribus would be a really good choice for the page layout package to
> use.
From what you describe, I'd suggest writing the book using 1.4.6, but write
it about 1.5.2 or 1.5.3. That way you will have a stable version for
writing your book, but the book will not be completely outdated when it is

It is possible to have the two versions installed side by side.

If you, during the course, feels that the 1.5 version is stable enough, you
can always transfer your projekt to that version of you want the features
it provides.

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