[scribus] maksvn script updated

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sun Apr 17 14:34:29 UTC 2016

Le 17/04/2016 06:10, John Culleton a écrit :
>> Beside, having a single script, shared on github
>> https://github.com/JLuc/makscribus/blob/master/maksvn
>> enables everybody who wishes it to use it,
>> report issues, fork it, improve it or fix some
>> bug and propose to merge its improvements.

> Downloaded the script listed above to replace the
> copy that died with my computer. It produces a
> file called scribus-1.5.2.svn that is version
> 21106.

> Is 1.5.2 the latest or nearly the latest
> version of the 1.5.x series? Or is the latest
> 1.5.3?

Hello John

A major work known as "boxes" has been merged into svn.
Since it changes a lot of the layout code,
it has also introduced some bugs.
All reported bugs have been fixed allready
but there are probably more bugs to be detected and fixed
particularly with the PDF export.

The new maksvn version deals with that situation and provides
- when no version argument is provided -
the latest svn version BEFORE the boxes merge.
This version is also called "preboxes".
Compiled exec shall be launched with "scribusok"
as is explained at the end of the compile process.
This is what you get with "maksvn" with no version argument.

If you want to test the latest svn version including the boxes merge
you can get it using following command :
"maksvn boxes".
Exec shall then be launched with "scribusboxes".

Best could be to compile both since they can run alongside
and compare displays and produced PDFs.
Look for any layout differences or PDF export problems.
Then please report in case you find an issue
so the devs can fix it.


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