[scribus] Page number artefacts on browser display (firefox)

Douglas Ray dougray at cpan.org
Wed Oct 28 09:37:05 UTC 2015

My website is stuffed and I seek a quick workaround.

I have a CMYK book, early pages unnumbered, the rest of the
pages numbered.

When I view the PDF export through firefox, I get a funny
glyph on the 'unnumbered' pages, where a page number would be.
(looks like an uppercase U with a grave accent)

This happens whether I've used a RGB export for web (PDF 1.3)
or the CMYK export for printer (PDF/X-3).

The symbol is not visible in any of my ordinary PDF displays.
Also it doesn't happen when I view the same file with Safari.
Only when I link to it in a web page on firefox; i haven't
tried chrome or IE.

Does anyone recognise this?

Is there a workaround to prevent this?

Douglas Ray

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