[scribus] ImageMagick and 1.5.1 compile

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Oct 26 06:10:16 UTC 2015

When I compile 1.5.1 using jLucs script it seems
> to not find ImageaMagick. The programs that make
> up ImageMagick (convert etc.) are resident
> in /usr/bin. I use Slackware Linux 14.1

Du you mean that the compile fails?

In that case you are missing the development packages. When compiling, you
do NOT need to have ImageMagick installed. The compiler however needs to
have the header files from the source. Those are often included in a
separate package with a suffix of -devel, -dev or similar.

Generelly each package exists in three flavours:

1. Full source of the program X or library Y, needed to build the program X
or library Y.

2. Header files (-devel, -dev), needed to build another program Z which
uses functions from the program X or library Y.

3. The binaries that are needed to use Program X or Library Y. Are not
needed to compile program Z, but to run Program Z.

For building Scribus you need the -devel packages (item 2), for running
Scribus you need the binary packages (item 3).

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