[scribus] Fit photograph to frame

Christian Mandel c.mandel at gmx.net
Wed Nov 25 08:45:50 UTC 2015

Am 25.11.2015 um 03:11 schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> I've made a script and a wiki page that I hope accomplishes what you
> have been looking for.
> It's quite simple and short, yet automatically does what might be the
> most annoying part of the task.
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Fitting_an_Image_to_its_Frame
> Greg

Hi Greg,

thanks for the script, it's exactly what I need. Nevertheless, the 
discussion made me think of a more simple solution without the need to 
input width/height. But this needs a bit of python and api knowledge 
which I don't have. The method would resemble what I could manually do 
in scribus to achieve the same effect: Assume picture loaded in frame.

   1. Click the picture frame and in the "Image" tab set the "scaling"
      to "to frame size" without checking proportional. That gives me a
      distorted image.

   2. Select "Free scaling" which leaves the image distorted and shows
      the x- and y-scale percentage.

   3. Copy the higher percentage over the lower one, if I e.g. have
      X-Scale = 170% and Y-Scale = 150%, then I replace the Y-Scale by

Now the picture fills the frame and I don't have to change the frame 
size during the process. Moreover, it is the same procedure for width 
and height since I always take the higher percentage value. Do I have 
access to the scaling values and to the "To frame size" option? I guess 
"scribus.setScaleImageToFrame" does the latter but how to access the 
percentage values?

Thanks and best regards


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