[scribus] Fit photograph to frame

Christian Mandel c.mandel at gmx.net
Mon Nov 23 15:29:16 UTC 2015


I try to make a photo book with Scribus (v1.5.0) and I fail with the 
simplest tasks. I hope someone can show me how to solve these problems. 
My current problem is to fit pictures into picture frames. I create a 
frame of the size that I want and load a picture into this frame. 
Usually, the aspect ratio of frame and picture are different. Therefore, 
I want to fit it to the frame so that the frame is entirely filled but 
the picture is not distorted and then align the picture inside the frame.

Scribus natively has (if I'm right) only the option to fill the frame so 
that the whole picture is visible and part of the frame stays empty. 
There are two scripts that try to solve the problem: Image Wizard and 
Image Wizard Advanced. I select the frame and run the scripts. With 
Image Wizard I press "scale to fill" but what I get is an about 3 times 
larger picture than needed (about 600 %, about 200 % would suffice). 
Image Wizard Advanced, on the other hand, does not respect the original 
image's aspect ratio with the fill command.

What is the correct way of fitting images into empty frames when the 
frame size is fix? Is manually copying the higher percentage after 
scaling without preserved aspect ratio the only option?

Thanks and best regards


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