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> 2015-05-31 8:11 GMT-04:00 Kunda Loves Scribus <scribus.user at gmail.com>:
> > A quick heads up to those of you who take advantage of the Scripting
> > functionality in Scribus:
> >
> >
> https://github.com/outilslibresalternatifs/scribus-scripts/tree/master/image-grid
> >
> > This python script creates an image grid by creating a new Document and
> > importing a grid of your specified images. You can choose the document
> > format, the number of columns and rows.
> >
> Nice.
> Would it be possible to make this script add picture infos in a text frame
> attached to the image, including filename?
> That would be really useful when you must decide which pic can make it into
> a publication based on tech specs such as
> - filename
> - x-y resolution
> - x-y size at 4 resolutions (user definable) : 72-96-225-300 dpi
> - total area expressed in square inches and square centimeters for each 4
> resolutions
> - image type
> - color space
> - bit depth
> - weight of image
> - more...
> The script could give the people working on a project a very rapid overview
> of the quality of the images they intend to use, technically wise.
> This could be ideally sorted by a user definable field, depending on what
> suits better the needs for screening out pics.
> For instance, displaying the pics sorted by “Total area at 300 dpi” would
> allow to immediately flag images that are suitable or not for a given need.
> Displaying them in order of “image type” would allow to flag at a glance if
> some GIFs made it into the image folder, or some other unsuitable image
> type, etc.
> Another approach would be to have the pics imported by their name in
> alphabetical order as a visual reference and from that file an export to
> csv would allow all sorts of reports to be produced in a breeze. Finding
> the images that don’t suit the needs would be easy for the users.
> Transmitting this valuable info to the various people working on a project
> would then be a breeze. Export to PDF and a Calc sheet and voilà.
> No more discussions about the usability of an image at a desired size.

Good place to continue this conversation is on their idea page:

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