[scribus] Reach Text/Document Attributes through Scripter

Darius Blaszyk dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl
Fri May 22 06:03:53 UTC 2015

John Culleton schreef op 21 mei '15: 

> Python runs on Windows I am reasonably sure.
> Otherwise Scribus scripts wouldn't work on
> Windows.

 Python will run on all major platforms without issues. It comes
preinstalled on Mac and most Linux distributions and the interpreter is
distributed with scribus.

> I am going in a different direction. 
> I wonder if the Scribus functions that
> are accessible through Python only work with
> Python or if programs whose output is compiled C
> code could be called and then could call these
> functions? In other words I want to get away from
> interpreter languages altogether.

 If you're going to use compiled code for your personal projects, that
is fine of course. But I surely hope that scribus stays with python. The
advantage of an interpreted language is that you can reuse and
distribute it with your project and do not have to worry about
recompiling and installing a proper tool-chain. I only want to bring
back in memory the compilation of scribus on windows to prove my point.

> Tcl/Tk has that ability to work with C language
> compiled modules.

 Python has the same ability, so this is a moot point.

 In addition to all of the above. The whole discussion about switching
to another language to extend scribus is senseless and will not solve
any issues that may be with the interfacing or with understanding the
language. If you don't want to take the time to learn python which is a
widely used language the same will apply to other people not willing to
learn C or Tcl/Tk or any other language for that matter. Python is a
very simple to learn language and if you have any issues, please ask
them on the mailing list here or on python forums. 
 The python/scribus interface is an area that can/should be improved
upon. This is not something easily achieved. To get an idea of what can
be achieved I would like to point to blender. The complete interface and
all tools and data structures can be imported in a python script and

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