[scribus] Latest 1.5.1 fails when saving PDF

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Thu May 21 15:52:12 UTC 2015

> On 21 May 2015, at 16:54, John Culleton <John at wexfordpress.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 20 May 2015 23:11:16 +0200
> Craig Bradney <cbradney at scribus.info> wrote:
>>> On 20 May 2015, at 23:07, John Culleton
>>> <john at wexfordpress.com> wrote:
>>> I usually use the latest nightly svn of 1.5.x
>>> when doing my work. But I always have a week
>>> old copy and a month old backup version if,
>>> as can be expected from time to time, the
>>> latest version has a problem.
>>> Using last night's version everything went
>>> fine until I tried to save a pdf file but
>>> then Scribus crashed. Fortunately the Scribus
>>> autosave file was available. I renamed this
>>> file and opened it using my weekly backup
>>> version which had the date of May 17 2015. I
>>> added in the last few strokes to the image
>>> and saved as pdf. That was successful.
>>> I leave it to others to see why this might
>>> have occurred (I have two deadlines to meet
>>> today and tomorrow) but I just wanted to give
>>> the community a heads up. The May 20 version
>>> of 1.5.1 crashes when you try to save an
>>> X:1-a pdf file. So use an earlier version if
>>> you have it or even 1.4.x. for new work.
>> John - you are actively using 1.5.x for
>> production. Please stay with 1.5.0 (r20099 at
>> the latest). We will be breaking things in
>> 1.5.1. PDF production is undergoing a complete
>> rebuild as will many other major areas.
>> Craig
> My problem with 1.5.1 got fixed overnight. 
> But following your advice I have two questions:
> 1. Is 1.5.0 semi-stable (no major work being done
> on it)? 
> 2. Below is the line in my script that downloads
> the latest version of 1.5.x overnight. How do I
> modify it to to get only 1.5.0 version 2099?
> -----------------------------------------------
> svn co svn://scribus.net/trunk/Scribus s150
> ----------------------------------------------
> s150 is the name of a folder of course

1.5.0 cannot change now at all. What you get from SVN is now 1.5.1.svn.

If you are staying with 1.5.0, just stop running your script or change it to add the -r 20099 and it will just always grab that revision. I don't expect you should use for 1.5.1.svn for a few months for anything but pure testing.


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