[scribus] Latest 1.5.1 fails when saving PDF

John Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Wed May 20 21:07:14 UTC 2015

I usually use the latest nightly svn of 1.5.x when
doing my work. But I always have a week old copy
and a month old backup version if, as can be
expected from time to time, the latest version
has a problem.

Using last night's version everything went fine
until I tried to save a pdf file but then Scribus
crashed. Fortunately the Scribus autosave file was
available. I renamed this file and opened it
using my weekly backup version which had the date
of May 17 2015. I added in the last few strokes to
the image and saved as pdf. That was successful.

I leave it to others to see why this might have
occurred (I have two deadlines to meet today
and tomorrow) but I just wanted to give the
community a heads up. The May 20 version of
1.5.1 crashes when you try to save an X:1-a pdf
file. So use an earlier version if you have it or
even 1.4.x. for new work.  

John Culleton
Wexford Press
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