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Jehan Pagès jehan.marmottard at gmail.com
Mon May 18 15:33:55 UTC 2015

Hi all!

If you remember, the association LILA made the Libre Calendar 2015 a
few months ago. We have a few projects on-going, and one of them is
Scribus-related, so I thought I'd share the info here (the other is
not, but well, we use the opportunity to promote it! :p).

== French Free Software Sticker Album ==

LDN is another French association which is an associative internet
provider (which is pretty cool). They had this funny idea of a sticker
album. I don't know exactly in other countries, but in France, there
are these stickers that kids can buy and collect that you can stick in
a specific album for various topics. Well since geeks have a lot of
stickers, LDN had this idea of making a Free Software album with all
French Free-Software related stickers.

LILA will support LDN by providing knowledge of layout, publishing,
printing… We are organizing a series of workshops where everyone will
be able to contribute to create this album together. It will be
entirely community-created, and obviously Scribus is our publishing
software of choice. The first workshop will happen at the Ubuntu Party
in Paris, 30/31 May. The second workshop will happen at RMLL (Libre
Software Meeting) in Beauvais on Tuesday 7 July.

If anyone is in France and interested to participate, learn about
layout, color management, how to use Scribus, and such, feel free to
drop by. These are all free workshops open to anyone! :-)
We are not all-knowledgeable on these topics, but we know enough to
feel like sharing (and would be happy if anyone knowing more wanted to
share one's knowledge with us too!).
We will likely have more workshops coming up about this project later.

Some details in English: http://libreart.info/en/2015/05/libre-sticker-album
In French: http://libreart.info/fr/2015/05/album-autocollants-libre

== ZeMarmot, Libre 2D animation film made with Free Software ==

The second running project of LILA is not Scribus related, since it is
not about publishing or printing.

We are crowdfunding a 2D animation movie in Creative Commons BY-SA and
fully made with Free Software (drawing in GIMP, editing in Blender,
sound/music in Ardour…). And that's a cool story about a wandering
marmot! Yeah! :-)

The indiegogo page: http://igg.me/at/zemarmot

Thanks all, and thanks for the awesome software! :-)

GIMP dev
Association LILA

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