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Darius Blaszyk dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl
Tue Mar 24 13:47:06 UTC 2015


 Thanks Peter! It works. I didn't realize that tables are just grouped
frames. Although improvement is to be made this actually works for me
enough. I place the contents (which are images and text frames) on top
of the table.

Regards, Darius

Peter Nermander schreef op 24 mrt '15: 

>> I have added a table to my page (scribus 1.4.4). How can I make the
>> lines of the cells visible? I have set a line width of 0.25mm but
>> nothing shows on preview.
> Don't expect tables in Scribus to work as tables in other programs (at
> least not until 1.5.0).
> A table in Scribus is (at least currently) just a group of text frames.
> This means that to apply lines you will need to ungroup the cells and apply
> lines separately for each cell.
> Yes, this sucks, but that's the way Scribus works. It's generally
> recommended to not use the tables in Scribus but to make tables some other
> way.
> Use a text frame with tab stops and draw lines on top of it, create table
> in another program and insert into Scribus as image (preferably vector
> image like EPS, SVG or PDF) etc.
> I think table support has been rewritten for version 1.5 but I'm not 100%
> sure.
> /Peter
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