[scribus] Question

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Mar 24 02:35:31 UTC 2015

On 03/23/2015 12:54 PM, r fenton wrote:
> I haven't defined any of the work (this time around) using Layers or Master
> Pages. I created two pages (L&R) with image frames in the top outside
> corner and L-shaped text boxes filling the space around them and duplicated
> these two pages 64 times on 128 blank (Normal) pages. I have successfully
> inserted images on Master Pages before but can't find a way to insert
> images on any of these pages - or even select the image frame for that
> matter. I assume there is a way to duplicate image frames on duplicate
> pages without needing to re-draw them every time (128 or more times in this
> case) but maybe I am asking too much.
There is some simple thing you're missing.
Perhaps your image frame is underneath the text frame. You may think you 
don't have more than one layer, but maybe you do. You can only work on 
one layer at a time.
As a.l.e says, you cannot accomplish what you're trying to do with 
Master Pages.

If you can select an image frame, you can right-click and Get Image.

My suggestion for putting them on multiple pages, once you get the above 
figured out:

Right-click on the image frame, select Send to Scrapbook > Main, giving 
it a name.

Open the Scrapbook with Windows > Scrapbook.
Go to a page where you wish to paste the copy, double click on the 
Scrapbook image frame, and it will be placed where the original was, but 
on the new page. If you set Text Flows around Frame before you sent to 
the Scrapbook, all your pasted copies will have that property too.


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