[scribus] Question

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Mar 19 00:26:22 UTC 2015

On 03/18/2015 01:53 PM, r fenton wrote:
> Thanks John,
> I can copy/paste the first example of a page (R or L) but then, after
> pasting, there seems to be no easy way to edit the text or change the image.
> Ron
I think what you want to be copying are blank frames.

Here is one potential workflow:

Make your pages with the text frame sized as needed, then copy this page.
Make your R image frame, sized and positioned as needed. Copy this frame 
(Ctrl+C, for example). One thing to know about this is that this not 
only copies the frame, but also its position.
Next, go to the next R page, select it, and paste (Ctrl+V for example), 
and you will see the frame pasted precisely where it was on the 
original. Keep going ahead to as many R pages as you wish, then go back 
and do the same process for the frames on L pages.
If your text frames will fill to the margins, you can start the document 
selecting Automatic Text Frames, which will not only place a text frame 
up to the margins on each page, but they will be automatically linked as 
well. If you create more pages later, they will also have linked text 
Its also worth noting that when you save to the Scrapbook, the XPos and 
YPos of the object is also saved. So then if you named your objects 
Rimage and Limage, you can then open the Scrapbook, go to the page where 
you want to paste a copy, right-click on the correct object and select 
Paste to Page.
Be sure to set the TextFlowAroundFrame before you copy or send to 
Scrapbook so you don't have to set this after pasting.

A more advanced workflow:
Use a script to create R and L pages, with the image frames sized and 
placed appropriately as you make each page.

A future workflow:
In 1.5.0 there are some new Scripter commands, copyObject() and 
pasteObject(). This allows you to run scripts like you see on this wiki 
page -


and paste to all, odd, even, or numbered pages.


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