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Tue Mar 17 10:16:20 UTC 2015


I try to build a Script to clear my file in Scribus 15 textes in a 180 
page book.

When I look with Notepad++ in my sla file, how could I be sure that the 
CH=" "/> is a Space Fine.
I founded with Notepad++ ASCII to Hex :
E2 80 89, that is the Space fine code in UTF8 - 

>             <ITEXT FEATURES="inherit superscript" CH=" "/>
>             <ITEXT FEATURES="inherit superscript" FCOLOR="Black" CH="5"/>

The 5 is a note call, I need to Fine space it all my Note calls, some 
time I find a E20 in place.
I would like to script it in a cleaner script for many small details. I 
try to use a existing script and I modify it very slowly.
In my Notepad++ for example
>     # double colon to colon
>     (r'\:\:+',u'\u003a'),
I see that I can mix : and u003a.
Is there a reason why I look for a : and I replace it by an Unicode ?

Is it better to write it in the script in Hex UTF8 or decimal UTF16BE.

When I introduce one Fine space under Windows I hit Alt+8201 or I use 
the (blind) Scribus command.

Codage         hex                 dec (bytes)         dec
UTF-8             E2 80 89
UTF-16BE         20 09             32 9                 8201
UTF-16LE         09 20             9 32                 2336
UTF-32BE     00 00 20 09     0 0 32 9             8201
UTF-32LE     09 20 00 00     9 32 0 0         153092096

Thank's a lot from a beginner,

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