[scribus] pdf file size and breeds

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Mar 17 07:11:04 UTC 2015

> > Good PDF tools will be aware of the different
> > PDF boxes (trim, bleed, media etc) and a PDF
> > "larger than necessary" won't be a problem.
> > Unfortunately most free PDF tools don't handle
> > the PDF boxes well.
> Well can you suggest one that will cover the
> entire pdf?

No, that's the problem. The only tool I have yet found that can handle this
well is Adobe Acrobat.

For example I haven't found a FOSS alternative that can handle bleed well
for impositioning.

What you are looking for I think is a tool that can crop to the bleed box.
But on the other hand, unless you are using tools that can use the
different PDF boxes you might as well just make your pages larger to
accomodate the bleed and then use guides to mark the margins.

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