[scribus] applying mask to all pages.

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Sun Mar 8 17:23:47 UTC 2015

> As it happens the Scribus 1.5.0 documents have
> slightly larger page size than the input pages so
> these unwanted markings show up. I have been
> covering them up with white graphic patches, one
> at a time.

Why don't you just crop the PDF before importing? By cropping the PDF both
crop marks and anything outsite the crop marks should disappear.

An why even bother to import such a large PDF into Scribus? Seems like A
LOT of work. To me it feels like a last resort if the material is not
possible to get in any other way. PDF is a "final" format, not an
"intermediate" format.

If just a few pages need adjustments, you could import just those pages
into Scribus and "re-export", and then use a PDF tool to concatenate the
different PDF parts into one PDF.

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