[scribus] Scribus feature request--produce compressed PDF output

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jun 4 12:01:59 UTC 2015

>> While this is certainly all very true, there remain yet a lot of cases
>> where the user does not publish for a professional offset printer but for
>> use in the net etc. or at least does so in parallel.
> Yes, of course it is. but Scribus was not initially designed for that
> purpose. I agree that it would be nice if Scribus could do this, but the
> development resources are limited and since there are other programs (for
> example Open Office, LyX, pdfTeX etc) available and a PDF can be reduced by
> external means my personal opinion is that there are other issues that are
> more important. For example support for complex scripts and RTL languages,
> better tables, better support for cross references and automatic numbering
> and a lot of similar stuff.

on a side note, it would also be beneficial for professional printing to 
see further improvements in the verbosity of the PDFs created by scribus.
it happens from time to time, that -- because of the excessive 
complexity -- print shops cannot manage scribus PDFs.
or layouters cannot upload the file to the printer's ftp server.

there are solutions for producing lightweight versions of a scribus PDF, 
but having to rely on gs and other tools to shrink the pdf size (with no 
specification of what changes are applied to the PDF file and which 
characteristics are stripped) is not always an option...

>> For those cases it would be extremely useful if Scribus would offer such a
>> solution out of itself. An appropriate location might be the "Output for"
>> option list in the PDF making dialogue. When I choose "for
>> monitor/Internet", I would actually expect Scribus to do just this: Not
>> setting each
> That option is badly named, the options should be:
> RGB file (screen/web)
> CMYK file (print)
> Grayscale file

that option is badly named, but no saner name has been found to date...
from previous discussions with the team, i can only say that what you 
are proposing is not correct in all cases, either (but probably more 
helpful than what we have today...).

mumble mumble mumble

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