[scribus] how to save just a certain portion of a Scribus document

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Jun 2 20:27:13 UTC 2015

Dear list,

I just discovered Scribus Generator on the (beautiful new Scribus Wiki
I does what mail-merge does in other programs.

It works fine with my Scribus 1.4.5, I just had to tweak the script a
little, to accept my not-comma deliminators.

Problem is the printing:

My document is a folded sheet of A4, with four pages on it; each page
has got a linked text frame. Only page one has got any mail-merge data
on it, the other pages are static. I have hundreds of individual
versions which will be created by the mail-merge.

444 111  recto of sheet
444 111
444 111

222 333  verso of sheet
222 333
222 333

In Corel Draw the mail merge is working like a "printing process", so I
can decide which pages get output, when the list-data is pasted into my
	With Scribus Generator the mail merge is working like generating
individualized copies of my Scribus-file (plus PDF-versions optional);
and I do not have a choice which pages are output. So I want to tweak my
master document before the mail merge run:

I want to split my Scribus document in a "crazy way":

I need to save just the front of my sheet with pages one and four, so
that I can efficiently laser-print the mail-merge results. (My printer
is very fast one-sided and very slow when turning each sheet. I will
print all the static versos later as a simple stack of sheets.)

444 111  I want this
444 111  as a separate Scribus file
444 111

222 111 I do not want this
222 111
222 111

How can I save just a portion of a Scribus document, without making the
text "jump", please?

I know there is a way to PRINT like this, selecting which pages I need.
But I need this choice for SAVING, because the Scribus Generator can
only work on a Scribus file obviously, not on a PDF.

Any help is welcome. This is about a regular important newsletter. We
are on issue 116 and have done it with Corel Draw so far (which does not
agree with my new Windows 8.1), so here is my chance/challenge to port
yet another document to Scribus.

Greetings and thanks,


ZASKE Martin
responsable GʊGʊ
BP 50 - Bassila - Bénin
tel GʊGʊ
tel pers

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