[scribus] Was: The program gimp is missing! Now: Image file not being opened for editing

John Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Mon Jun 1 16:08:22 UTC 2015


> Instead GIMP started OK, but no image was
> loaded. As I’m working on a file that wasn’t
> created by me, I don’t have the original image
> file, so I apparently can’t edit the image
> within Scribus.
> Michael

What is the suffix to the original file that you
received? Chances are you can import it into
either Scribus or Gimp. You will probably have to
edit it as an image, but you can overlay the
parts you want to change via a second layer. Both
Scribus (of course) and Gimp can export pdf files
and Gimp gives you the option of converting as
much as possible of this output file into vector

on my curent poject my worflow is:
insert in book file.
As it happens my current book file is a mixture of
typeset pages and pages imported from the above
process but that is not pertinent to your
application. The key is that the file begins life
as a pdf file and the intermediate files are also
pdf files. 

I don't expect either Scribus or Gimp to
transfer an image to another program. That is the
MSWindows (and KDE for that matter) philosophy
that every program can pass data to every other
program behind the scenes. My philosophy, based
on 47 years of using computers is that you have
files in  one of several standard formats, such
as plain text, pdf, jpg, png, svg, sql etc. that
at least one program in my possession can import,
alter, and then export that file into the same or
another standard format. 

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