[scribus] Word wrapping algorithm

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Jul 12 09:40:38 UTC 2015


> The line breaking und justification should work like this:
> 0. Assume natural glyph width and normal word spacing
> 1. Fill the line with words until a word spills over the end of the
> line. 2. If hyphenation is on, hyphenate that word
> 3. Remember the difference D between the length of the words
> collected for this line so far and the regular line length.
> 4. Remember the difference D' between the regular line length and the
> length of all collected words but the last on (D' > 0)
> 3. Test if after applying minimal word spacing and minimal glyph
> stretch the line is shorter or equal to the regular line length
> 4. If yes and D < D', apply min.  glyph stretch and minimal word
> spacing such that the words fit the line.
> 5. Otherwise, apply max. glyph stretch and increase word spacing so
> that the word fit the line.
> Of course 5. only happens if justification is on.

can we have this description in the relevant file?
if possible (if the file is small enough...) at the top of the file?


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