[scribus] Non-printable characters

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Tue Jul 7 04:36:45 UTC 2015

> Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2015 23:46:04 -0300
> From: javiergalfaro at gmail.com
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> Subject: [scribus] Non-printable characters
> Hi,
> Sometimes it happens when I import an odt, characters appear at the end of
> paragraphs. In this case numbers appear, "4".
> Screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1485806/4s.jpg
> These characters are not printed but are a little upset. What do they mean? Is
> it possible to not appear?
> -- 
> *el eslabón <http://periodicoeleslabon.com/>* periódico semanal hecho en
> Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Can you post a bug report to http://bugs.scribus.net/ that includes an odt that shows the problem?
If it happens "sometimes" but not always, can you find a difference between files that work and files that leave 4's? Does it depend on the encoding or on options when you save the file?
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