[scribus] Attention Scribus Scripter-ers!

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Jan 31 19:03:23 UTC 2015

I'd like to set up a scoring system of sorts for our various scripts.

One set of scripts  is the one that is included with Scribus. The other 
is the various scripts on the wiki, or even ones that people have 
created or modified to their own purposes.

Provisionally, I would like to have a two-part scoring system, the first 
part based on what we might call the quality of the script, maybe 
arbitrarily a 1-4 scoring system. The second part relates to how often a 
script is used when some script-like function is needed.

There can also be accumulated comments as well.

So, more specifically:

Quality -

4. Well-written, efficient script. Adaptable to various kinds of use. I 
can easily understand and adapt the script.
3. Does its job well. Limited use because it is designed for a specific 
purpose. Adaptable but takes some work.
2. There is work to be done after it runs to get what I really needed. I 
haven't figured out how to fix it for my needs.
1. Esoteric or it's questionable how much time it would save me. I 
haven't even tried to understand its structure.

Frequency -

A. I use this on a regular basis.
B. I use this occasionally, and I can easily remember how it works.
C. I use this infrequently.
D. I never use this script.

To be sure, there is a correlation in these two scales, yet for example, 
one might use a script frequently yet wish it was better.

At this point, I'd like to see some feedback on these scales. Maybe they 
need some more explanation. Are they both necessary? In addition, it 
would be good if some scripts from the wiki might be nominated for 
inclusion in the survey. Depending on the interest, I will decide how 
formal or organized to make the collection of information on the survey.


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